Stripped Biots & Quills For Fly Tying

Biots come from a single feather barb from the leading edge of a primary wing feather from a large bird such as a goose or turkey. Goose Biots are sharply-pointed fibers that allow the tier to simulate tails and sometimes legs or wing pads of insects. Biots can also be wrapped as segmented fly bodies that produce very realistic mayfly duns and spinners.

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FAP Flash (Flat)

FAP Flash (Flat)£3.96   £2.99

FAP Goose Biots

FAP Goose Biots£3.84   £2.99

Goose Biot Strips

Goose Biot Strips£2.16   £1.99  (1)

Goose Biot Strips Mixed Colour Packs

Goose Biot Strips Mixed Colour Packs£2.40   £2.25

Goose Biots Dyed Black

Goose Biots Dyed Black£1.60  (2)

Goose Biots Dyed Blue£1.60

Goose Biots Dyed Brown

Goose Biots Dyed Brown£1.60  (1)

Goose Biots Dyed Fluoro Pink

Goose Biots Dyed Fluoro Pink£1.60

Goose Biots Dyed Olive

Goose Biots Dyed Olive£1.60

Goose Biots Dyed Red£1.60

Goose Biots Mixed Packs

Goose Biots Mixed Packs£1.99  (1)

Goose Biots Natural£1.60