Semperfli Masks & Furs

Semperfli Masks & Furs

From hares masks to seals fur, fox tails and boar bristles. We use many different furs in fly tying and we have selected a range especially for the fly tyer.

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Black Fox

Black Fox£3.99

Bucktails Mixed Colour Selection

Bucktails Mixed Colour Selection£4.20  (1)

Hares Mask Natural

Hares Mask Natural£3.25

Magnum Rabbit Zonker Strips

Magnum Rabbit Zonker Strips£3.20

Natural Green Seals Furs 1Gm

Natural Green Seals Furs 1Gm£1.99

Natural Grey Seals Furs 1Gm

Natural Grey Seals Furs 1Gm£1.99

Natural Roe Deer Hair

Natural Roe Deer Hair£2.20

Picric Acid Dyed Grey Squirrel Tail

Picric Acid Dyed Grey Squirrel Tail£2.99  (2)

Picric Acid Dyed Hares Mask

Picric Acid Dyed Hares Mask£4.25  (5)

Picric Acid Dyed Mole Skin

Picric Acid Dyed Mole Skin£3.50  (1)

Picric Acid Dyed Natural Roe Deer Hair

Picric Acid Dyed Natural Roe Deer Hair£2.20  (2)

Picric Acid Dyed Peacock Herl

Picric Acid Dyed Peacock Herl£2.35  (1)

Red Fox

Red Fox£3.25

Semperfli Mole Skin

Semperfli Mole Skin£2.60

Silver Fox

Silver Fox£3.99

White Fox

White Fox£3.99

White Fox Dyed Red

White Fox Dyed Red£3.99

White Fox Dyed Yellow

White Fox Dyed Yellow£3.99