Semperfli Fly Tying Scissors

Semperfli Fly Tying Scissors

Probably one of the most essential fly tying tools are quality scissors to trim the fly tying materials as you tie your flies. For fly tying a variety of scissors can be used, small arrow point scissors to get into small materials and make fine cuts, razor scissors capable of cutting the toughest animal skins through to specialist scissors like the Semperfli 6 finger scissors which can be used in one hand while still tying. Semperfli Fly Tying Scissors have been specially designed for fly tyers using only the finest surgical steel, tungsten for extra strength on the blades.

Semperlfi, quality for fly tyers world-wide.

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6 Finger Fly Tying Scissors

6 Finger Fly Tying Scissors£12.00


Free your hands while fly tying

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