Semperfli Fly Tying Feathers

Semperfli Feathers for Fly Tying

natural or dyed with the Semperfli attention to detail we have a vast range including goose biots, ostrich plumes, peacock herl, Cddc feathers, marabou bloods, marabou feathers, pheasant tails and peacock eyes plus much more. They have many different Feathers for fly tying feathers loved by fly tyers around the world.

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Cdc Feathers Black

Cdc Feathers Black£6.50


Cdc Feathers Brown£6.50

Cdc Feathers Chartreuse

Cdc Feathers Chartreuse£6.50

Cdc Feathers Claret£6.50

Cdc Feathers Fluoro Yellow

Cdc Feathers Fluoro Yellow£6.50

Cdc Feathers Orange

Cdc Feathers Orange£6.50

Cdc Feathers Slate

Cdc Feathers Slate£6.50

Cdc Feathers White

Cdc Feathers White£6.50

Double Knee Knotted Pheasant Tail For Legs

Double Knee Knotted Pheasant Tail For Legs£4.75

Goose Biots Dyed Black

Goose Biots Dyed Black£1.60


Goose Biots Dyed Blue£1.60

Goose Biots Dyed Brown

Goose Biots Dyed Brown£1.60

Goose Biots Dyed Fluoro Green

Goose Biots Dyed Fluoro Green£1.60

Goose Biots Dyed Fluoro Orange

Goose Biots Dyed Fluoro Orange£1.60

Goose Biots Dyed Fluoro Pink

Goose Biots Dyed Fluoro Pink£1.60

Goose Biots Dyed Fluoro Yellow

Goose Biots Dyed Fluoro Yellow£1.60

Goose Biots Dyed Olive

Goose Biots Dyed Olive£1.60

Goose Biots Dyed Red£1.60

Goose Biots Mixed Packs

Goose Biots Mixed Packs£1.99


Goose Biots Natural£1.60

Marabou Bloods Black

Marabou Bloods Black£2.80

Marabou Bloods Brown

Marabou Bloods Brown£2.80

Marabou Bloods Fl Green

Marabou Bloods Fl Green£2.80

Marabou Bloods Fl Orange

Marabou Bloods Fl Orange£2.80

Marabou Bloods Fl Pink

Marabou Bloods Fl Pink£2.80

Marabou Bloods Fl Yellow

Marabou Bloods Fl Yellow£2.80

Marabou Bloods Mixed Fluoro Pack

Marabou Bloods Mixed Fluoro Pack£2.80

Marabou Bloods Olive

Marabou Bloods Olive£2.80

Marabou Bloods Red

Marabou Bloods Red£2.80

Marabou Feathers Black

Marabou Feathers Black£2.30

Marabou Feathers Brown

Marabou Feathers Brown£2.30

Marabou Feathers Chartreuse£2.30

Marabou Feathers Claret£2.30

Marabou Feathers Fl Orange

Marabou Feathers Fl Orange£2.30

Marabou Feathers Fl Pink

Marabou Feathers Fl Pink£2.30

Marabou Feathers Fl Yellow

Marabou Feathers Fl Yellow£2.30

Marabou Feathers Green£2.30

Marabou Feathers Grey£2.30

Marabou Feathers Mixed Fluoro Pack

Marabou Feathers Mixed Fluoro Pack£6.99

Marabou Feathers Olive

Marabou Feathers Olive£2.30

Marabou Feathers Red

Marabou Feathers Red£2.30

Marabou Feathers Sunburst£2.30

Marabou Feathers Yellow£2.30

Mixed Colour Pheasant Tail Centers

Mixed Colour Pheasant Tail Centers£3.25

Peacock Herl Natural

Peacock Herl Natural£1.95

Picric Acid Dyed Cock Pheasant Center Tail

Picric Acid Dyed Cock Pheasant Center Tail£3.99