Sea Trout Flies for Sale

Sea Trout Patterns Range From Traditional to Modern Flies

A great range from surface wake flies like the Jambo a modern deer hair based sea trout fly that skates across the water surface creating a wake as it moves. Snake flies with their superb movement to old classics like Alexandra proven over decades as a fish catcher and still a great sea trout fly. Hundreds of patterns of fishing flies for you to catch those exciting sea trout. The Essential Fly is a dedicated provider of sea trout fishing tackle, flies and accessories for anglers. We carry huge stocks of sea trout flies which you can check out at our online store. We also take orders over the phone on 00 44 1757 333003 where we have award winning customer service, alternatively you are welcome to buy these superb sea trout flies online.

Sea Trout Genetics

What an enigma! What a challenge for the Sea Trout! Genetically there is absolutely no anatomical differences between the sea trout and the brown trout native to rivers. Both fish share the same Latin name 'Salmo Trutta' from the salmonidae family. The sea trout goes under many names through Ireland, England and Wales, sewin, whitling, peal, herling are all names for sea trout either in different areas or their different stages of growth.

For the fly fisherman these are really different fish, probably out of a need for richer feeding, the Sea Trout heads out to sea after a year or two as fry and parr. The sea trout is rarely seen in the estuaries and sea that are its home for a good part of the part of the year, however, the sea trout runs back to rivers and streams every spring and summer to spawn.


Sea trout generally spawn each year of their adult lives and may return to the river many times. On each return migration they will have put on typically two pounds (1kg) or more.

Sea Trout fishing is excellent fun. Fishing in the pitch black of night when the shy sea trout will take the angler's fly, as a consequence the moon phases are important to the sea trout angler - full & New moons signal high tides and light nights. Check out our moon phase module to see the current moon phase.

Sea Trout Fly Collections

For the new Sea Trout fisherman we have put together The Essential Sea Trout Bundle 15 flies in 2 different sizes to make it easy for you to start fishing for Sea Trout. We stock Jambo surface wake flies, great for creating the surface wake which often causes these beasts to chase or the superb snake flies. Indeed Sandy Dickson has taken the superb Tubeology tube fly system and created an incredible range of Sea Trout Snake Flies with adjustible heads for weight according to the conditions.


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