Salmon Flies for Fly Fishing

Atlantic Salmon Flies

With a large variety of salmon flies used for fly fishing for salmon in waters for Atlantic Salmon from Scotland, Iceland to Russia or Pacific Salmon fishing in Alaska and Canada the fisherman demands quality salmon patterns or salmo salar flies and best prices. With Snaeldas, Sunray Shadows and a large range of tube based salmon fly patterns we have a superb range to choose from.

As there are different species of salmon there have Atlantic flies developed like classic salmon fly patterns like Green Highlander salmon fly, Blue Charm, Willie Gunn and Collie Dog which are still taking salmon world-wide. Atlantic salmon flies have a tradition developed over many years with a heritage second to none. Over recent years however, there are stunning new modern salmon fly patterns like the flamethrower salmon fly and Salmon Dry Flies with the highly buoyant Bomber dry fly pattern. Alternatively there is the famous Allys Shrimp and Allys Cascade developed by Alistair Gowan's these patterns are used worldwide. Check out our Hairwing Flies using modern techniques create a flying wing which is highly mobile and triggers attacks.

To make it easy for your salmon fly fishing trip we also have prepackaged fly selection packs readily available. We do not believe in cheap salmon flies but will provide you quality flies, well tied on great hooks at excellent value. We have shipped everywhere, including direct to hotels for those who have had fishing emergencies! So if you are looking to catch salmon on the fly check our online store below.

Our Salmon Fly Patterns For Sale

Salmo Salar Fly Patterns

There are lots of fly patterns including tube flies, shrimps, hairwings and snakes. Each fly type has its own benefit for example a tube fly can have much more weight if a copper or brass tubes are used or lighter if nylon tubes are used. Salmon hairwing flies give lots of movement triggering attacks where an Irish shrimp fly pattern looks like natural shrimp food eaten by salmon while at sea. We sell a vast range of quality flies for salmon for any venue you wish to fish at.

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