Salmon Fly Selection Packs

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Box 25 Random Salmon Flies

Box 25 Random Salmon Flies£25.00   £18.99  (1)

Hissing Sea Snakes

Hissing Sea Snakes£10.00

Salmon Autumn Collection

Salmon Autumn Collection£16.99

Sea Trout Snake Flies Bundle

Sea Trout Snake Flies Bundle£12.00   £13.00  (1)

6 Essential Sea Trout snake flies

Spate Water Salmon Collection

Spate Water Salmon Collection£15.99  (1)

Surface Wake Fly Bundle Jambo Sea Bundle

Surface Wake Fly Bundle Jambo Sea Bundle£11.50  (2)

6 Essential Sea Trout surface wake flies

The Essential Salmon Flies Selection

The Essential Salmon Flies Selection£47.99  (5)

The Salmon Hair Wing Collection

The Salmon Hair Wing Collection£30.00   £29.00


Page 1 of 1:    17 Items

Complete Salmon Fly Collections

Complete selections for sale of salmon flies ready to fish. We have collections for different water conditions from slow summer waters to spate river collections, tube fly collections, Allys Shrimp collections and many more to chose from. All proven salmon fly fishing patterns from the mighty Russian Kola Peninsula, through Iceland, Canada, Alaska to the smallest Sottish rivers.

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