Salmon Fly Fishing

Salmon fly fishing

Anyone going salmon fly fishing will demand great tackle including rods, reels and salmon flies. Ranges from Snowbee, Wychwood, The Essential Fly at great prices delivered world-wide.

Salmon Fishing Flies

A massive range of quality flies including Snaelda, Sunray Shadows, Tube Flies and hook based flies on single, double or treble hooks all backed by The Essential Flies quality guarantee


Salmon Fishing Gear

A superb range of rods, reels, flylines for salmon from qualiy manufacturers including Snowbee, Cortland, Sonik Sports and Wychwood.


Salmon fly fishing

It does not matter where you play to go salmon fly fishing, from small rivers  like the River Luce or River Cree in Scotland's beautiful Gallway coast to the stunning Midfjardara River in Iceland or the mighty Kola Peninsula and the amazing Varzuga River we have a great range of Salmon Fly Rods, Salmon Fly Reels, salmon flylines and accessories plus the essential salmon fishing flies, from deadly patterns like the Snaelda salmon fly or Monkey salmon fly to Icelandic patterns like the Red Frances Treble or the world famous Allys Cascade and Allys Shrimp Patterns.

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