Salmon Flies

Fly Fishing Patterns for Atlantic & Pacific Salmon

Our range of fishing flies for salmon includes the essential Ally's Shrimp flies and Ally's Cascade; Sunray Shadow & tube flies for salmon; traditional patterns & Irish Shrimps based patterns. Always check local fishery/club rules whether fishing flies based on single, double hooks or treble hooks can be used.  If In doubt take tube flies for salmon  as you can swap hooks to adhere to the local rules.


Types of Flies for Salmon

There are lots of types of Salmon Fishing Flies including tube flies, shrimps, hairwings, snakes. Each fly type has its own benefit for example a salmon tube fly can have much more weight if a copper or brass tubes are used or lighter if nylon tubes are used. Hairwings give lots of movement triggering attacks where a irish shrimp fly pattern looks like natural shrimp food for salmon. We sell a vast range of quality flies for salmon for any venue you wish to fish at.

Varying Size & Color of Flies for Salmon By Season

Fly hook size requirements vary throughout the year when fishing for salmon. In the early season size 4 flies with green colours are more successful for salmon fishing. In mid season colours change from yellow flies (why not try the highly successful Allys Cascade Shrimp) to orange colour and as the season progresses the successful flies get smaller. During the height of summer you may be using flies as small as size 16. At the end of the season red flies like Red Allys Shrimp works well then finally purple colour flies at the tail of the seaon with hooks now in the size 8 range.

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