LED Ultraviolet UV Keyring Light

LED Ultraviolet UV Keyring Light
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The Essential Fly


WARNING: You should not look directly into any light source, especially UV

Ultraviolet Does Affect Flies - See What They Really Look Like Under Safe UV Light

When we used to tie our luminous flies we inspected them in a blacklight cabinet, we had made it using a blacklight lamp from a fishpond cleaner - this was highly dangerous and you could not look directly at the UV light. Still they were the early days of fly tying and luminosity. HOWEVER NOW IT IS DIFFERENT!

We have these superb UV Keyring Lamps, A single leds in a powerful torch. Now you can check the luminosity of materials anywhere easily with these great small Ultraviolet (UV) torches. Once you have tied luminous flies then check what they really look like. Ideal for luminous sea trout flies or any luminous flies. These torches are great for use at night where they will cause less disturbance.


  • 100% safe UV light
  • Single key operation, easy to use

Check out the larger torch highlighting the luminous tying threads under natural and UV light below. See the vast difference.

Luminous Thread Without UV Under Natural Room Lighting

Luminous Thread With UV Torch On Under Natural Room Lighting


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Stroft abr
Wednesday, 19 November 2014  |  Michael

This line is fantastic, very thin for its breaking strain. Requires care ehen tying knots but it is superb. A grest German product

bug bond pro torch
Wednesday, 19 November 2014  |  Michael

This is just the thing for use with bug bond along with the
upgrade kit. no more batteries and constant source if light. Brilliant.

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