Goose Biots & Feathers for Fly Tying

Goose Fly Tying Materials

Goose is a highly versatile fly tying materials. Goose biots are used by the fly tyer to make fantastic wing buds on buzzers and use goose biots for tails, thorax covers or wrap them for bodies on your smaller flies. Goose shoulder can be used for wings on trout and salmon fishing fly patterns.

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FAP Flash (Flat)

FAP Flash (Flat)£3.96   £2.99

FAP Goose Biots

FAP Goose Biots£3.84   £2.99

Goose Biot Strips

Goose Biot Strips£2.16   £1.99  (1)

Goose Biot Strips Mixed Colour Packs

Goose Biot Strips Mixed Colour Packs£2.40   £2.25

Goose Biots Dyed Black

Goose Biots Dyed Black£1.60  (2)

Goose Biots Dyed Blue£1.60

Goose Biots Dyed Brown

Goose Biots Dyed Brown£1.60  (1)

Goose Biots Dyed Fluoro Pink

Goose Biots Dyed Fluoro Pink£1.60

Goose Biots Dyed Olive

Goose Biots Dyed Olive£1.60

Goose Biots Dyed Red£1.60

Goose Biots Mixed Packs

Goose Biots Mixed Packs£1.99  (1)

Goose Biots Natural£1.60

Goose Shoulder (Soft)

Goose Shoulder (Soft)£2.76   £2.50

Goose Shoulder (Stiff)

Goose Shoulder (Stiff)£2.76   £2.50