Formed Wings, Legs & Tails

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Barred Tail Fibre Fibbets

Barred Tail Fibre Fibbets£3.60   £2.99

Colour Card

Colour Card£3.75

FAP Goose Biots

FAP Goose Biots£3.84   £2.99

Feather Caddis Wings

Feather Caddis Wings£3.00   £2.59  (1)

Rubber Legs - Micro

Rubber Legs - Micro£2.76   £2.30  (1)

Sili-Legs Nymph Size

Sili-Legs Nymph Size£4.16   £3.39

Silicone Micro Legs with Pearl Flake

Silicone Micro Legs with Pearl Flake£5.52   £3.99

Spring Loaded Bead Dispenser

Spring Loaded Bead Dispenser£4.68   £3.99

Straggle String Micro Chenille Litchen

Straggle String Micro Chenille Litchen£2.99  (2)

Super Stretch Hackle

Super Stretch Hackle£6.60   £5.99

Tail Fibre Fibbets

Tail Fibre Fibbets£3.36   £2.90  (1)

Veniard Easy Shrimp Eyes

Veniard Easy Shrimp Eyes£8.40   £6.50  (1)

Veniard Easy Shrimp Legs

Veniard Easy Shrimp Legs£8.88   £6.80  (1)

Veniard Spinner Bodies

Veniard Spinner Bodies£4.99   £4.70

Veniard Synthetic Quills

Veniard Synthetic Quills£4.20   £3.40

Veniard Synthetic Quills Extra Large

Veniard Synthetic Quills Extra Large£4.20   £3.40