Fly Tying Body Materials

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Antron Yarn Dark Olive

Antron Yarn Dark Olive£1.10

Antron Yarn Orange

Antron Yarn Orange£1.10

Antron Yarn White

Antron Yarn White£1.10

Antron Yarn Yellow

Antron Yarn Yellow£1.10

Black Bear Hair

Black Bear Hair£6.00   £5.50


Bodystretch£2.88   £2.45

Centipede Legs Barred Mini 0.2mm

Centipede Legs Barred Mini 0.2mm£4.68   £3.99

Centipede Legs Barred Small 0.4mm

Centipede Legs Barred Small 0.4mm£4.68   £3.99

Colour Glow Mylar Piping Medium

Colour Glow Mylar Piping Medium£3.36   £2.85

Colour Glow Mylar Piping Small

Colour Glow Mylar Piping Small£2.64   £2.25

Crystal Eggs Black

Crystal Eggs Black£2.99

Crystal Eggs Gold

Crystal Eggs Gold£2.99

Crystal Eggs Green

Crystal Eggs Green£2.99

Crystal Eggs Light green

Crystal Eggs Light green£2.99

Crystal Eggs Olive

Crystal Eggs Olive£2.99

Crystal Eggs Red

Crystal Eggs Red£2.99

Crystal Eggs White

Crystal Eggs White£2.99

Crystal Eggs Yellow

Crystal Eggs Yellow£2.99

FAP Dennis the Mennis 15mm Fritz

FAP Dennis the Mennis 15mm Fritz£3.96   £3.45

FAP Fritz

FAP Fritz£3.96   £2.99

Fish Skull Baitfish Heads

Fish Skull Baitfish Heads£7.15   £5.50


Streamer & Saltwater Fly Heads

Fish Skull Fish Mask

Fish Skull Fish Mask£5.95   £4.99

Streamer & Saltwater Fly Heads

Fish Skull Frantic Tails

Fish Skull Frantic Tails£8.99

Artificial Tails

Floating Popper Bodies Tcs (Tapered, Cupped & Slotted)

Floating Popper Bodies Tcs (Tapered, Cupped & Slotted)£8.16   £6.90

Floating Popper Bodies-Pencil

Floating Popper Bodies-Pencil£9.36   £7.99

Floating Popper Bodies-Saltwater

Floating Popper Bodies-Saltwater£10.80   £9.20

Fringe Wing

Fringe Wing£5.40   £4.99

Goose Biots Dyed Black

Goose Biots Dyed Black£1.60


Goose Biots Dyed Blue£1.60

Goose Biots Dyed Brown

Goose Biots Dyed Brown£1.60

Goose Biots Dyed Fluoro Green

Goose Biots Dyed Fluoro Green£1.60

Goose Biots Dyed Fluoro Orange

Goose Biots Dyed Fluoro Orange£1.60

Goose Biots Dyed Fluoro Pink

Goose Biots Dyed Fluoro Pink£1.60

Goose Biots Dyed Fluoro Yellow

Goose Biots Dyed Fluoro Yellow£1.60

Goose Biots Dyed Olive

Goose Biots Dyed Olive£1.60

Goose Biots Dyed Red£1.60

Goose Biots Mixed Packs

Goose Biots Mixed Packs£1.99


Goose Biots Natural£1.60

Iridescent Pearl Mylar Piping Large

Iridescent Pearl Mylar Piping Large£2.64   £2.25

Iridescent Pearl Mylar Piping Medium

Iridescent Pearl Mylar Piping Medium£2.40   £2.05

Iridescent Pearl Mylar Piping Small

Iridescent Pearl Mylar Piping Small£2.04   £1.75

Jelly Nymphs

Jelly Nymphs£3.00   £2.55

Layered Fringe Wing

Layered Fringe Wing£5.40   £4.99

Lazer Holographic Mylar Piping Medium

Lazer Holographic Mylar Piping Medium£3.84   £3.35

Lazer Holographic Mylar Piping Small

Lazer Holographic Mylar Piping Small£3.60   £3.15

Magic Glass / V Rib

Magic Glass / V Rib£2.16   £1.85

Minnow Skin

Minnow Skin£7.08   £6.49

Mirage Cord Mylar

Mirage Cord Mylar£4.08   £3.55

Fly Tying Body Materials

These body materials are ideal for fly tyers to creae the bodies of the fishing flies that they are constructing.