Fly Rods For Sale

Quality Fly Rods For Sale

Stunning fly rods at great prices with world-wide delivery, whatever form of game fly rod you are looking for Wychwood, Snowbee and Sonik Sports have a solution. Select what is your ideal fly fishing rod by weight, species or fish or by manufacturer. Fly rods from major manufacturees including game fishing rods for trout, grayling or saltwater.


Suggested Fly Fishing Rod Usage By Line Weight

Rod Weight Where Typically UsedUsed
#2/3/4 Stream / brooks for Brook & Brownies & Grayling
#5 Small rivers, brooks & streams for Brownies & Grayling
#6 Rivers and small lakes when fly fishing for Brown & Rainbow Trout
#7 Lakes, boats & reservoir for Rainbow Trout, Larger Brownies & Blue Trout, Small River Grilse Fishing
#8 Reservoir & boat fly Reels, plus saltwater fly fishing for Rainbows, Larger Brownies & Blues, Salmon Grilse Fishing & saltwater species
#9 larger rivers and reservoirs fly fishing as trout, largemouth bass, pike, steelhead & salmon fly Reels
#10/11/12 Large rivers & saltwater, Salmon & Saltwater species

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