Fly Fishing Glossary E's

Fly-Fishing can often be confusing to beginners to the sport because fly-fishermen talk and write in a strange language using words not always in standard use. To help take some of the confusion out of the terms bandied about by fly fishermen we have compiled this glossary. 

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Egg Fly: imitates salmon and trout eggs. An egg fly can be particularly deadly for Brown Trout in lakes and reservoirs when Rainbow Trout are spawning.

Emerger: A term for an aquatic insect at the stage is an Emerger, this is when it swims to the surface or just below the surface to hatch or change from a nymph or pupa to an winged adult. Often imitated with CDC Emergers or Sandy's Assassins

Epoxy Minnow:  a fly fishing fly made from epoxy resin onto a hook or tube that looks like a small fish is called an Epoxy Minnow.

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Customer Reviews
Friday, 21 April 2017  |  Rune

Hi again thanks for your promt service package recived today no problem many thanks will order some flies later

feather floater fly line 3 weight
Wednesday, 19 April 2017  |  Colin

This is a wonderful product! They call it the "Feather Float Down" and that is exactly what is. No more spooking fish, an absolute dream to cast and very good value for this high quality line. I bought this with Brook and stream fishing in mind but used it on my local Stillwater for rainbows to try out and could not stop catching. Great time on a 7ft rod with this superior fly line pulling in a 4lb fighting Rainbow with ease.

Fly Tying Spool Rack
Monday, 17 April 2017  |  Theresa

Excellent for my sewing cottons.