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Black Snips

Black Snips£3.49   £3.25

Braided Sleeve

Braided Sleeve£2.99   £2.49

Cork Floatant Holder

Cork Floatant Holder£10.80   £8.99

Cork Fly Wallet

Cork Fly Wallet£19.08   £15.99

Cork Gift Set

Cork Gift Set£49.80   £45.99

Cork Large Amadou Wallet

Cork Large Amadou Wallet£19.08   £15.99

Cork Tippet Straightener / Cleaner Pad

Cork Tippet Straightener / Cleaner Pad£7.08   £5.99

Forceps Curved 5 Inch

Forceps Curved 5 Inch£2.99

Forceps Curved 7 Inch

Forceps Curved 7 Inch£3.99

Forceps Curved 8 Inch

Forceps Curved 8 Inch£4.49

Forceps Straight 5 Inch

Forceps Straight 5 Inch£2.99

Forceps Straight 7 Inch

Forceps Straight 7 Inch£3.99

Greys Braid Scissors

Greys Braid Scissors£6.99

Greys Easy Reach Retractor

Greys Easy Reach Retractor£6.99   £6.50

Greys Easy Squeeze Led Retractor

Greys Easy Squeeze Led Retractor£7.99   £7.50

Greys Line Snips

Greys Line Snips£9.99

Greys Mini Forceps

Greys Mini Forceps£5.99

Greys Platinum Retractor

Greys Platinum Retractor£6.99   £6.50

Greys Tackle Tamer Retractor

Greys Tackle Tamer Retractor£13.99   £13.50

Greys Tool Tape Retractor

Greys Tool Tape Retractor£9.99

Greys Twin Retractor

Greys Twin Retractor£9.99   £9.50

Hand Towel (Small)

Hand Towel (Small)£2.99

Leader Joint Kit

Leader Joint Kit£4.49

Metal Zinger

Metal Zinger£4.99

POLYFLOAT Super Buoyant Putty

POLYFLOAT Super Buoyant Putty£4.75

Profil Forceps

Profil Forceps£5.99

Profil Leader Straightener

Profil Leader Straightener£2.49   £3.99

Profil Line Clippers

Profil Line Clippers£2.25   £2.99

Profil Magnetic Net Hanger

Profil Magnetic Net Hanger£6.49   £6.99

Profil Tippet Retainer

Profil Tippet Retainer£2.49   £2.99

Profil Vest Pack

Profil Vest Pack£13.99   £14.99

Profil Zinger

Profil Zinger£2.49   £2.99

Profil Zinger & Snips

Profil Zinger & Snips£3.49   £3.99

Semperfli Travel Thermal Mug

Semperfli Travel Thermal Mug£12.00

Shakespeare Agility Rise Brook Bag

Shakespeare Agility Rise Brook Bag£16.99

Shakespeare Agility Rise River Bag

Shakespeare Agility Rise River Bag£21.99

Shakespeare Digital Scales

Shakespeare Digital Scales£32.99

Shakespeare Net Retainer & Lanyard

Shakespeare Net Retainer & Lanyard£13.99

Shakespeare Sigma Fly Box Large

Shakespeare Sigma Fly Box Large£10.99

Shakespeare Sigma Fly Box Medium

Shakespeare Sigma Fly Box Medium£9.99

Shakespeare Sigma Fly Box Small

Shakespeare Sigma Fly Box Small£7.99

Shakespeare Sigma Line Cutter

Shakespeare Sigma Line Cutter£3.99

Shakespeare Sigma Line Cutter W/Tools

Shakespeare Sigma Line Cutter W/Tools£4.99

Shakespeare Sigma Salmon Priest 32x6x3

Shakespeare Sigma Salmon Priest 32x6x3£12.99

Shakespeare Sigma Single Zinger 19x6x3

Shakespeare Sigma Single Zinger 19x6x3£3.99

Shakespeare Sigma Trout Priest 29x6x3

Shakespeare Sigma Trout Priest 29x6x3£10.99

Stainless Steel Snips

Stainless Steel Snips£7.99

Stonfo Dropper Clips STF623

Stonfo Dropper Clips STF623£6.48   £5.99

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