Floatant & Sinkants

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Cortland Dry-UR-Fly

Cortland Dry-UR-Fly£5.99

Cortland Float Dust

Cortland Float Dust£6.99

Cortland Pro Float

Cortland Pro Float£6.99

Cortland Pro Flyline Cleaner

Cortland Pro Flyline Cleaner£6.99

Fly-Line Degreaser

Fly-Line Degreaser£4.99

Gink The Ultimate Fly Floatant

Gink The Ultimate Fly Floatant£5.99   £5.49  (3)


Ledasink£1.89   £1.85

Mucilin Line Grease

Mucilin Line Grease£1.89   £1.61

Mucilin Quick Sink

Mucilin Quick Sink£1.89   £1.80  (2)

Semperfli Desert Dust Fly Desiccant

Semperfli Desert Dust Fly Desiccant£4.99  (2)

Stormsure Zip-Oil

Stormsure Zip-Oil£6.99

Xink The Ultimate Fly Sinkant

Xink The Ultimate Fly Sinkant£5.49   £5.45

Page 1 of 1:    15 Items
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