Floatant & Sinkants

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Cortland Dry-UR-Fly

Cortland Dry-UR-Fly£5.99   £4.79

Cortland Float Dust

Cortland Float Dust£6.99   £5.59

Cortland Pro Float

Cortland Pro Float£6.99   £5.59

Cortland Pro Flyline Cleaner

Cortland Pro Flyline Cleaner£6.99   £5.59

Fly-Line Degreaser

Fly-Line Degreaser£4.99   £3.99

Gink The Ultimate Fly Floatant

Gink The Ultimate Fly Floatant£5.99   £4.79  (3)


Ledasink£1.89   £1.51

Mucilin Line Grease

Mucilin Line Grease£1.89   £1.51

Mucilin Quick Sink

Mucilin Quick Sink£1.89   £1.51  (2)

Semperfli Desert Dust Fly Desiccant

Semperfli Desert Dust Fly Desiccant£4.99   £3.99  (2)

Stormsure Fly Floatant 15Ml Bottle

Stormsure Fly Floatant 15Ml Bottle£5.99   £4.79

Stormsure Tippet Sinkant 15Ml Bottle

Stormsure Tippet Sinkant 15Ml Bottle£5.99   £4.79

Stormsure Zip-Oil

Stormsure Zip-Oil£6.99   £5.59

Xink The Ultimate Fly Sinkant

Xink The Ultimate Fly Sinkant£5.49   £4.39

Latest Customer Reviews
Nano Silk 50D Brown 200m
Wednesday, 26 November 2014  |  James

i just love this super fine silk thread.. Any thread will do to cover the hook shank but this is the tread that really gives strength to the fly

Semperfi pro dubbing
Tuesday, 25 November 2014  |  Roger

Received my Semperfi Pro dubbing today and must say I was impressed. All the dubbing I will need for the rest of my life, and everything in a beautifully binder

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