Feathers For Fly Tying

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Amherst Centre Tail Piece

Amherst Centre Tail Piece£9.48   £7.99  (1)

Amherst Complete Tail Piece

Amherst Complete Tail Piece£40.68   £35.00

Amherst Head Piece No 1

Amherst Head Piece No 1£13.99   £10.99

Amherst Head Piece No 2

Amherst Head Piece No 2£8.99   £7.37  (1)

Amherst Head Piece No Dyed

Amherst Head Piece No Dyed£9.30

Amherst Pheasant Body Skin

Amherst Pheasant Body Skin£18.36   £14.99

Amherst Pheasant Tippet Feathers

Amherst Pheasant Tippet Feathers£2.88   £2.40  (1)

Asian Blue Kingfisher Wing

Asian Blue Kingfisher Wing£10.00

Barred Cock Tails

Barred Cock Tails£4.68   £3.99

CDC Barred

CDC Barred£5.40   £4.50

Cdc Bulk 1G Packs

Cdc Bulk 1G Packs£7.80   £6.50  (1)

Cdc Combo Pack No 1

Cdc Combo Pack No 1£8.40   £6.99

Cdc Combo Pack No 2

Cdc Combo Pack No 2£8.40   £6.99

Cdc Feathers Black

Cdc Feathers Black£6.50  (1)

Cdc Feathers Brown£6.50

Cdc Feathers Chartreuse

Cdc Feathers Chartreuse£6.50

Cdc Feathers Claret£6.50

Cdc Feathers Fluoro Yellow

Cdc Feathers Fluoro Yellow£6.50  (1)

Cdc Feathers Orange

Cdc Feathers Orange£6.50

Cdc Feathers Slate

Cdc Feathers Slate£6.50

Cdc Super Select 30 Feather Per Pack

Cdc Super Select 30 Feather Per Pack£3.60   £3.00

Chinese Cock Neck

Chinese Cock Neck£11.88   £10.99  (3)

Cock Pheasant Colour Extracted Centre Tails

Cock Pheasant Colour Extracted Centre Tails£2.40   £1.99

Cock Pheasant Knotted Tail (on the quill)

Cock Pheasant Knotted Tail (on the quill)£6.24   £5.50

Cock Pheasant Ringneck Brown Neck

Cock Pheasant Ringneck Brown Neck£2.64   £2.20

Cock Pheasant Ringneck Centre Tails

Cock Pheasant Ringneck Centre Tails£2.40   £2.00

Cock Pheasant Ringneck Complete Skin

Cock Pheasant Ringneck Complete Skin£26.28   £22.49

Cock Pheasant Ringneck Gold Sides

Cock Pheasant Ringneck Gold Sides£2.64   £2.20

Cock Pheasant Ringneck Long Brown Rump

Cock Pheasant Ringneck Long Brown Rump£2.64   £2.20

Cock Pheasant Ringneck Short Green Back

Cock Pheasant Ringneck Short Green Back£2.64   £2.20

Cock Pheasant Ringneck Shoulder Church Windows

Cock Pheasant Ringneck Shoulder Church Windows£2.64   £2.20

Cock Pheasant Ringneck Wing Quills

Cock Pheasant Ringneck Wing Quills£2.88   £2.49

Cock Pheasant Tails Complete

Cock Pheasant Tails Complete£5.64   £4.99

Cock Pheasant Tails-Daddy Legs

Cock Pheasant Tails-Daddy Legs£3.48   £2.99

Cock Pheasant Tails-Hopper Legs

Cock Pheasant Tails-Hopper Legs£3.48   £2.99

Cock Pheasant Wings

Cock Pheasant Wings£4.80   £4.20

Crow Wings

Crow Wings£4.08   £3.50

Duck Quills

Duck Quills£3.12   £2.55  (1)

Elk Hair

Elk Hair£4.80   £3.99  (2)

English Grey Partridge Brown Back Hackles

English Grey Partridge Brown Back Hackles£4.32   £3.99

English Grey Partridge Complete Skin

English Grey Partridge Complete Skin£32.40   £28.50  (5)

Fly Tying Feathers

The fly tyer uses many fly tying feathers, from pheasant or cdc to partdidge and mallard. A vast range at great prices delivered world-wide by theessentialfly.com. Used for tails, as wings or as hackles there are fly tying feathers available from many birds including Amherst Pheasant, Condor, Coot, Duck Quills, Golden Pheasant, Goose, Grouse, Guinea Fowl, Ibis, Indian Crow, Jackdaw, Jay, Jungle Cock, Landrail Substitute, Magpie, Mallard Duck, Mandarin, Moorhen / Waterhen, Ostrich, Partridge, Peacock, Pheasant (Cock), Pheasant (Hen), Silver Pheasant, Snipe, Starling, Stripped Quills, Teal Duck, Toucan, Turkey, Widgeon and Woodcock