Egg Flies for Trout

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Crystal Egg Flies Collection

Crystal Egg Flies Collection£4.50

Crystal Egg Fly Black

Crystal Egg Fly Black£1.00   £0.80

Crystal Egg Fly Chartreuse

Crystal Egg Fly Chartreuse£1.00   £0.80

Crystal Egg Fly Olive

Crystal Egg Fly Olive£1.00   £0.80

Crystal Egg Fly Red

Crystal Egg Fly Red£1.00   £0.80

Crystal Egg Fly White

Crystal Egg Fly White£1.00   £0.80

Crystal Egg Fly Yellow

Crystal Egg Fly Yellow£1.00   £0.80

Roe Bug Chartreuse

Roe Bug Chartreuse£1.00   £0.80  (1)

Available in Fly Size(s)
6, 8, 10.

Roe Bug Cream

Roe Bug Cream£1.00   £0.80

Available in Fly Size(s)
6, 8, 10.

Roe Bug Dark Roe

Roe Bug Dark Roe£1.00   £0.80  (1)

Available in Fly Size(s)
6, 8, 10.

Roe Bug Flame

Roe Bug Flame£1.00   £0.80  (1)

Available in Fly Size(s)
6, 8, 10.

Roe Bug Pink

Roe Bug Pink£1.00   £0.80  (3)

Available in Fly Size(s)
6, 8, 10.

Trout Egg Flies Collection

Trout Egg Flies Collection£6.50  (1)

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Are Egg Flies Real Fishing Flies?

To some fishermen using egg fly patterns is not true fly fishing. However, if you are imitating the natural food of your target fish then this is fly fishing. The art of matching the color and size that are being eaten is an art form just like matching the hatch of emerging dry flies, so these are matching a natural food! Not all fish eggs are the same colours.

Techniques for Using Egg Flies

These are  popular patterns for Rainbow Trout, Brown and Brook Trout, and Salmon. Eggs are a great source of energy for feeding fish. These flies will catch fish consistently in rivers, lakes and streams throughout the world. Fish on a "dead-drift" in streams, they will fish well against the river or stream bottom, add a couple of split shot to keep it near to the stream bed where the bright colours can attract fish where they make look like a natural egg floating.

Rainbow Trout EggsOn lakes or reservoirs these flies can be floated or used as part of a tandem rig with for example a buzzer suspended below the egg fly at 18" to 24" deep.

Do They Work?

Of course they work! many anglers believe Rainbow Trout especially to be unable to breed and therefore do not produce eggs. This is a misconception as we have seen when fishing, you will see the eggs from a Rainbow Trout in the photo here, match the hatch using orange coloured egg flies with that destinctive dot. We have caught female Rainbow Trout in lakes and reservoirs that have been egg laden as you can see from the photo our these Rainbow Trout Eggs. We have watched Rainbows and Brownies hammering the edges of lakes to get at the previously laid eggs planned to hatch in margins, indeed they become so pre-occupied with eggs that there are times when they will eat nothing else!

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Stroft abr
Wednesday, 19 November 2014  |  Michael

This line is fantastic, very thin for its breaking strain. Requires care ehen tying knots but it is superb. A grest German product

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This is just the thing for use with bug bond along with the
upgrade kit. no more batteries and constant source if light. Brilliant.

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