Up And Under 5' Sink Tip #7

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Up And Under 5' Sink Tip #7

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Model:  ma-j7116
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Brand:  Wychwood


A Charles Jardine & Wychwood Design Collaboration

Charles Jardine has reached enviable status as a fly fisherman regarded by many around the world as a master of our sport. He is a modern day fly fishing virtuoso with an incredible pool of knowledge to draw upon, which is exactly what we have done! Over the past two seasons Charles has been working in collaboration with the Wychwood design team to bring to the bank a range of fly lines which have been commended for both their performance and simplicity.

In an often over-embellished world, these fly lines cut the bull and deliver to the consumer only what they require, when they require it.

These products simply do "exactly as it says on the tin."

Technical Info: Presentation Taper - High Buoyancy Float Body with 5’ Just Under Tip

I am the cunning fly line that can make the critical difference. I am both “Up and…. Under”. My short 5 foot sinking tip section can deliver your Nymphs and Buzzers just below the surface and deceive many a cautious trout. And my long, high-floating belly embodies great lifting potential and presentation; also giving me absolute control and speedy connection with your takes.

(Oh! I am great on rivers too. Especially for fishing classic wet flies down and across and streamer fishing. Just thought you needed to know that…)

I am the perfect divide between the floater and the just under fly line offering more control to fish the upper layers with nymphs and buzzers.


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