Braided Leaders

Braided or furled leaders are woven from many tiny nylon filaments braided together. With a taper and loop on both ends braided leaders offer delicate presentation of fishing flies. Because the braid is stiff it will cast and form a nice loop presenting a fly delicately. However beacuse the braid is supple they present well avoiding drag in difficult currents.

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Cortland Slip On Leader Loops-30 Lb Clear

Cortland Slip On Leader Loops-30 Lb Clear£7.99

Greys Braided Loops - Salmon

Greys Braided Loops - Salmon£3.99

Greys Braided Loops - Trout

Greys Braided Loops - Trout£3.99

Jarvis Walker Pack Of 3 Braided Loops

Jarvis Walker Pack Of 3 Braided Loops£2.49

Leader Joint Kit

Leader Joint Kit£4.49

Looped Connectors X 3

Looped Connectors X 3£2.49   £2.44

Looped Connectors X 3 Hi-Viz

Looped Connectors X 3 Hi-Viz£2.49   £2.44

Looped Connectors X 3 Lightweight

Looped Connectors X 3 Lightweight£2.00   £1.96

Truefly Braided Loops - Floating

Truefly Braided Loops - Floating£1.99

Truefly Braided Loops - Salmon

Truefly Braided Loops - Salmon£1.99

Truefly Braided Loops - Sinking

Truefly Braided Loops - Sinking£1.99