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Semperfli Weighted Czech Nymphing Hooks Released

Friday, 23 December 2011  |  Simon

Semperfli Weighted Czech Nymph Hooks Released

When Czech nymphing quite often a heavily weighted fly is essential to hold bottom and allow the perfect presentation of the full team of czech nymphs. The Semperfli Size 8 weighted Czech Nymph hook is the tool for the job. Pre-weighted at 1.3gm (0.04oz) with a shrimp shaped body this is the perfect lead fly in your czech nymphing team.With its weighted body tying a czech nymph is very simple and you can match a natural shrimp or infected shrimp very easily using Semperfli Straggle String which with its' uv flecks gives that leg like appearance to make a stunning shrimp imitation.

The Weighted Czech Nymph hook allows you to tie more natural flies with deadly results. They come in a pack of 10 hooks per pack check them our here

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