15mm Blob Chenilles for Fly Tying

Love them or hate them Blobs are here to stay, great catchers of Rainbow Trout used standalone of in a team blobs work. The Semperfli Blob Chenille is a stunning 15mm Blob chenille with either UV flecks or Gold flecks which give added attraction to trout. Our 15mm Blob Chenilles are dyed with really rich colours in fish catching variations. Our colours are in some cases brand new to the fly fishing industry and have been experimented with by the team here to get results. Our yellow dye is the same dye used to get the fluorecent yellow as Wimbledon tennis balls, hence the name!

Pressure dyed through to the core there 15mm blob chenilles are a must for the fly tyer that fishes reservoirs and lakes.

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Bulk Spool 15mm Translucent Crystal Chenille Uv Fleck

Bulk Spool 15mm Translucent Crystal Chenille Uv Fleck£143.52  -  £242.88

FAP Dennis the Mennis

FAP Dennis the Mennis£3.96   £2.99

FAP Fritz

FAP Fritz£3.96   £2.99