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Bead Head  Bibio
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Bead Head (BH) Bibio - Beadhead Nymph

The Bead Head (BH) Bibio is based on the Bibio created by Major Charles Roberts. The Bead Head (BH) Bibio is also known as Goldhead Bibio

Bead Head (BH) Bibio

The Bibio was created in the late 1950's or 60's by Major Charles Roberts of the Burrisholle Fishery in Mayo and has received a great deal of attention and usage throughout the UK. It was originally tied to represent the heather beetle for sea-trout on loughs Furnace and Feeagh. The Bibio has now become one of the great Irish wet flies for brown trout, sea-trout & salmon. The Bibio is taken for a large range of dark insects from duckflies to beetles. Water conditions will determine the size of fly to be fished. The Bibio is a good taker of salmon and sea-trout when fished on the dropper on rippled pools in West Ireland rivers.


Use The Bead Head (BH) Bibio To Catch:

The Bead Head (BH) Bibio can be used to catch Salmon

The Bead Head (BH) Bibio can be used to catch Atlantic Salmon

The Bead Head (BH) Bibio can be used to catch Rainbow Trout

The Bead Head (BH) Bibio can be used to catch Brown Trout

The Bead Head (BH) Bibio can be used to catch Sea Trout


Bead Head (BH) Bibio lure or Bead Head (BH) Bibio streamer

The Bead Head (BH) Bibio is a type of lure or streamer fly. Streamers or lures fall into two categories, imitator streamers or attractor streamers. The Black, Olive, Natural and White Woolly Buggers Zonker are imitator streamers. An imitator streamer represenst a specific type of food, which is preyed upon by the trout, typically a small fish for example. As Trout are territorial and they will defend their territory against invading fish the fly-fishermen can use this knowledge to their advantage. Using an imitator streamer a trout can be fooled into attacking what he thinks is fry invading its territory. The alternative to an imitator fly is an attractor fly or as some fishermen call them 'piss them off fly'. A brightly coloured attractor fly is retrieved past the nose of a large brown trout or rainbow in hiding can excite a trout into striking if it thinks its feeding territory is under attack stimulating a big hit. Sometimes Trout will strike out of simple curiosity just to see if it is edible even though it does not look like their normal food. Sometimes bright, flashy flies drive them crazy or just annoy them. Some for example a Red Zonkers are attractors streamer fly patterns, these are not designed to represent a particular baitfish but to excite a predatory trout into striking using brightly colored and reflective materials in their design.

The brass bead head fly types which includes the Bead Head (BH) Bibio has become one of the most popular fly types in overall trout fly sales. This is because the weight of the brass bead helps keep the Bead Head (BH) Bibio very close to the bottom where trout are used to seeing and capturing naturals.

The flash of the brass bead in Bead Head (BH) Bibio has also proven to be very attractive to several other kinds of sport fish. Its possible that it just makes the Bead Head (BH) Bibio easier for the fish to locate. Roman Moser states that the roots of the Gold Head or Pearl Head flies lie in the Northern Italian area. At the turn of the century the fishermen of Piemont, Bergamo, Brescia and Friulia fished in their alpine rivers with a bead headed nymph for spin fishing. The beads came from the glass making area of Murano (Venice). This type of nymph was then used by Roman in 1978 when the Roman Moser bottom downstream technique was born as shown in the video "New ways with the caddises and new ways with mayflies".  Because the flies were light made of glass Roman experimented with Cabela's spinner bodies made of brass, goldheads were born.

Nobody understood this until he published the making of that Gold Head in the German magazine "Fliegenfischer" January/March issue 1985. The article was titled: "New ways of fishing the caddis".  He found out that when sedge flies were hatching, the Gold Head was most successfull, possibly because the bead resembled the air bubble thorax of the natural nymph. The beadhead is now used on many types of flies, beadhead nymphs and beadhead lure or beadhead streamers and this the Bead Head (BH) Bibio.


Bead Head (BH) Bibio - Fly Tying Dressing

For the more adventurous among you we have provided tying specifications for the Bead Head (BH) Bibio. Remember at The Essential Fly we sell the Bead Head (BH) Bibio at incredible prices with a top quality fly and service to back it up. It is certainly worth tying the Bead Head (BH) Bibio yourself to understand the pleasure of catching a fish with your own tied fly, however at the price we sell flies it is only worth tying one or two Bead Head (BH) Bibio as your can spend more time fishing instead of tying flies - buy volume online with us.

Hook Sizes

Wet Fly Size 8 to 14

Silk Thread



Seals fur in 3 parts, black, hot orange and black


fine oval silver wire


Black cock palmereed with a second black cock hackle, slightly longer in the fibre at the front.

Bead Head Bibio from The Essential Fly

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Established in 2006 The Essential Fly was established to bring top quality fly fishing flies, fly fishing tackle & accessories like Bead Head Bibio to the market. Since its launch we have been selling Bead Head Bibio and many stunning fly fishing flies, fly fishing accessories and gained a strong reputation for quality and service. We have shipped to tens of thousands of fly fishermen world-wide and currently ship to over 50 countries. We pride ourselves on customer service, quality product and product packaging and have won awards from Total Fly Fisher Magazine.

Bead Head Bibio from The Essential Fly

Bead Head  Bibio


Should you have any questions about Bead Head Bibio The team and The Essential Fly will always be available to help. Contact us through the website, via email or by telephone on UK 01757 333003, USA 212-796-0874 or from anywhere in the world on +44 1757 333003.

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Bead Head Bibio Attributes

Model:  EF-2010-10
Bar Code:  886741003957
Brand:  The Essential Fly
Manufacturer:  The Essential Fly

Bead Head Bibio Reviews

One of the great ways of checking quality is to see reviews by other customers about Bead Head Bibio and other fly fishing products. To date we have 3 for Bead Head Bibio online plus reviews and comments can be made by Facebook. Please leave your feedback and reviews about Bead Head Bibio.

Since 2006 we have had thousands of reviews from tens of thousands of customers world-wide. Let us know what you think about Bead Head Bibio.

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Monday, 3 May 2010  | 

Second cast with this fly got me a fish. A well tied fly, glad I got a few as I can see them bringing me a lot of takes.

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45 of 101 people found this review helpful.

Bead Head Bibio
Friday, 2 October 2009  | 

Great Service, flies are well tied but it may be a while before I get to use them in earnest.

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66 of 143 people found this review helpful.

Bead head Bibio
Friday, 25 September 2009  | 

Excellent service. The flies were very well tied and they caught grayling on the two occasions I have fished them

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63 of 133 people found this review helpful.

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