Adams Irresistable

Adams Irresistable
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Adams Irresistable - Great Trout Dry Flies

Trout Dry flies including Adams Irresistable are an superb fly to keep in the dry fly fisherman's arsenal. Very little can match the fun of watching a trout or grayling rise and take a Adams Irresistable dry fly from the water surface. Indeed in some rivers like the chalk streams of Southern England dry flies like Adams Irresistable are the only fishing flies allowed to be used with wet fly techniques frowned on and frequently banned! Selecting the right fishing fly can be awkward and over the years it has almost become a minefield with thousands of variations of trout dry flies including Adams Irresistable available! Key is for the fly fisherman to match the hatch and identify the ideal fly before they start fishing. Careful observation shows there are often key flies like sedge or caddis, olives, or mayflies that should always be considered when hatching. If little is rising then consider fly fishing with clever flies like Klinkhammers which with their body dipping into the sub-surface and parachute sat on the surface film look like a fly emerging.

Adams Irresistable - Trout Fly

Adams Irresistable . The Adams Irresistable is a great Trout Fly. This fly is fished in the style of Humpies & Irresistibles or Trout Flies or Dry


Some Trout dry flies are designed with no specific insect or fly in mind, such type of fishing flies are called attractor or fancy fishing flies, a Wickham's Fancy is a typical example fancy or attractor fishing fly. A series of alternative fly fishing rigs can be used while fishing Adams Irresistable trout dry flies. Typically Adams Irresistable Trout flies are cast as an individual fly using a floating flyline and tapered leader that turns the Adams Irresistable over during the cast presenting the Adams Irresistable on top of the water like a natural fly landing which stimulates the Trout and Grayling. Alternative techniques with Adams Irresistable and other fly fishing dry flies are for example using multiple dry fly rigs, tandem rigs with suspended nymphs or buzzers making the Adams Irresistable perform both as as a dry fly and perform bite indication on the suspended fly and of course dapping flies. Indeed fly fishing with fly fishing flies like Adams Irresistable is the original type of fly fishing - fly fishermen originally used long poles as their rods plus they had fly lines made from horsehair or other natural fibres, it was this method that was used with the flies used as dapping flies!

Adams Irresistable

Adams Irresistable Fly Fishing Dry Flies

Today numerous fly tyers have created dry fly fishing flies like Adams Irresistable, starting from Adams, Ron Steenrods' Hendrickson named after one of his best customers to the modern Klinkhammer. One of the most well-known trout dry flies today will be Klinkhammer designed by fly fishermen Hans Van Klinken. The Klinkhammer includes a parachute hackle that floats at the surface, a post that is visible to the angler along with a body that sits over the water surface and tucks down into the surface film imitating an insect emerging from its pupal form.

Trout dry flies can range from hooks as small as size 22 to size 8 or even larger!

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