Cashmere Goat Pelt Foxy Tails  Bright Orange

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Cashmere Goat Pelt Foxy Tails Bright Orange

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Model:  RED-FT-Cashmere-BrightOrange
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Brand:  Foxy Tails


Cashmere Goat Pelt

Perfect match for Caucasian silver goat. Perfect for those Yuri Shumakov tubes, Frodin's tubes and any fly that you want to have translucency and mobility. A hair that is much more mobile than polar bear, and as translucent. Will make great collie dogs and sunray shadows. Also good for Saltwater flies. It is mobile and stays lively in salt water.

Cashmere goat has a fur length of approximately 175mm and is great for Monkey flies or highly mobile flies.

Type of Fly fishing:

Ideally suited to salmon fly fishing either with a floating or sunk line. But has great possibilities for the pike fly angler. A bunch of this hair with a bit of sparkle added would just be the thin


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